Evelin Seppar



for male vocal ensemble (TTBar/CtBB)
Duration ca 6′
Girls&Boys was commissioned by OLGA vocal ensemble

Premiere: March 8, 2018
OLGA vocal ensemble
Utrecht, the Netherlands

The text is compiled by Evelin Seppar from girls’ and boys’ t-shirt slogans


Hey girl hey
The new princess has arrived
There is no one like me
Be you ti ful
I am so pretty
Tutu cute

Flower girl
Butterfly girl
Little princess
Daddy’s princess
Daddy’s little girl
Born to wear diamonds
Smart like daddy sweet like mommy
It’s a rainbows and unicorns kinda day
Yes, I believe in unicorns
Yes, I’m a princess

We all need a little sparkle
Glitter is always an option
Yes, I’m a princess
My unicorn ate my homework
Always dream big
Open your heart

Oh sweet honey
Good girls love bad boys I love mom
I love dad
Love Minnie
Love kitty
Hello Kitty hello

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,
happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr
Best friends for life
Away with the fairies
Hot chocolate time


Here comes trouble Tough dude
Like a boss
I rule
Give me space
Blast off
Blazing speed
Space ace
N is for noisy
Dig it

Ready to rescue
Be a hero
Mr. Strong
Ninja warrior
Fear less

I’ve got game
Chicks are all over me
Sorry ladies I only date models
So many princesses so little time
Lock up your princess

The cool kid just showed up
Beyond cool
Minimal effort
Wild child
Life is a wave
Surf paradise
I’ve got game
Time to play

I did it all for… Cookies!


Boys like unicorns too
Boys like sparkle too
I’m a cat guy
Girls like tractors too
Girls just wanna have fun-
damental rights
You go girl